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Kizombaumea Emmeli - lördag, augusti 01, 2015

Photo above taken and edited by Emmeli.
Outdoor-Kizomba 31/8 - next to Umeå "Ume" River.

Last night we had a Outdoor-Kizomba social next to the river that streams through our beautiful city. It was really lovely weather, and a lot of people passed by and saw & got to try Kizomba for the first time. A few people even knew Kizomba from before, from their country of origin, and were very happy (and surprised!) to see us dancing it here up in the north too! 

Umeå was at the same time arranging the big event "Umeå Live" nearby, so a lot of people passed by, especially before Loreen was going to sing. We will probably see some more people at our coming socials, all the feedbacks from the evening were lovely! 

Thank you all for coming by to dance & chat! 
And hopefully we'll see you soon, perhaps at our coming Drop-in workshop and Kizomba-party this coming week, Friday 7/8.

Below some nice moments captured during the evening. 

Photographer: Briana Carrion, homepage: LIFETALES.SE

Photographer of the two photos above: Emmeli Andersson.

This last photo belongs to Ludvig Haraldsson, edit by Emmeli Andersson.
Please feel free to comment below, about the evening, the pictures or anything you wish, maybe you have feedback in what you think we should blog more about. - Thank you, and special thanks to Briana Carrion ( for the lovely pictures you contributed with.

Kizz kizz
Emmeli, Kizomba Umeå

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